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    Admission are open for classes Pre-Nursery to XII (Science, Commerce & Humanities) for the session 2020-2021

    Best Wishes

    Best for luck students of X and XII classes for the Board Exam 2020






                              Have faith in God, the sun will shine

 Though dark the clouds may be today

 His heart has planned your path and mine

 Have faith in God, have faith always.


                               I smile and sing and say,

  I will hope and trust always

  I'll bear the sorrow that comes tomorrow

 But I'll borrow none today

 Oh! heart you must hope always

  You must sing and trust and say

 I'll bear the sorrow that comes tomorrow

 But I'll borrow none today.


                                           Just where you stand in conflict there is your place

Just where you think you are useless

Hide not your face

God placed you there for a purpose

Whatever it may be

Think He has chosen you for it

And work loyally.


Begin the day with God

He is thy sun and day

His is the radiance of thy dawn

To His address thy lay

Take the first walk with God

Let Him go forth with thee

By stream, or sea, or mountain path

Seek still His company.


Lord! Let me love all men as my brothers

Allow me never to lead them astray

But by good thoughts, words and examples

Help me Lord to light their way.


God is in every tomorrow

Therefore I live for today

Certain of finding at sun-rise

Guidance and strength for the way

Power for each moment of weakness

Hope for each moment of pain

Comfort for every sorrow

Sunshine and joy after rain.


“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”